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Camo-Premium Grilling Apron

SKU : GC1103
$ 38.99 $ 42.99

The Camo Grilling Apron is all a hardy outdoorsman could ever need and more, especially when it comes to manning the grill. Made up of 100% polyester, this Camo Premium Grilling Apron will keep the wearer cool as they fire up the grill. The apron also features no less than six holsters to stash your backup beer along with large pouches to keep your grilling tools and condiments where you can find them. But this is so much more than just another custom grilling apron it comes along with matching grilling mits, a retractable bottle opener and a bottle holder too. All in all, this is one good lookin’ Camo grilling apron that is sure to put a smile on your best man’s face.


  • Deluxe BBQ mit.
  • Adjustable neck strap and back tie.
  • Retractable bottle opener (removable).
  • Deluxe bottle holder pocket.
  • The lightweight apron measures 32" inches long and 23 1/2" across.

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