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Personalized Black Mighty Growler

SKU : GC1649 - 2Lines
$ 51.99 $ 57.99

Hey ​beer ​lover, ​how ​do ​you ​show ​your ​beer ​how ​you ​feel? ​Respect ​your ​brew ​of ​choice ​and ​personalize your ​beer ​drinking ​experience ​with ​the ​sturdy ​portability ​of ​The ​Mighty ​Growler! ​The ​customizable ​front means ​you ​don’t ​have ​to ​choose ​between ​practicality ​and ​style. ​With ​the ​Mighty ​Growler, ​you ​get ​both. Made ​of ​18/8 ​food ​grade ​stainless ​steel, ​this ​growler ​is ​a ​safe ​and ​secure ​alternative ​to ​classic ​glass. ​A carry ​strap ​is ​included ​to ​make ​travel ​a ​breeze. ​The ​growler ​even ​comes ​with ​a ​stylish ​stainless ​steel pint-sized ​beer ​tumbler, ​so ​a ​pint ​for ​you ​or ​friends ​is ​never ​out ​of ​the ​question. The ​Mighty ​Growler ​holds ​up ​to ​64 ​oz ​/1.9 ​L ​of ​beer. ​An ​advanced ​airtight ​lid ​keeps ​contents ​fully carbonation, ​keeping ​beer ​fresh ​and ​cool. ​The ​wide ​mouth ​easy-access-and-refill feature ​makes ​fill-ups easy. ​Plus, ​you ​can ​feel ​secure ​in ​your ​purchase ​thanks ​to ​the ​Life ​Time ​warranty! ​Great ​beer ​deserves ​the Mighty ​Growler. ​Personalize ​it ​and ​gift ​it ​to ​yourself ​or ​to ​those ​you ​know ​will ​love ​a ​cold ​one- ​it’s ​the ultimate ​beer ​lover’s ​growler!

Item Specifications:

  • Holds 64 oz. 
  • Measures 4x5"L x 4x5"W x 13.5"H
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Personalize with :
    2 lines up to 15 characters per line
    One of our 5 monogram designs - Circle, Stamped,Filigree, Antlers, or Modern - each allowing for 1 line up to 15 characters of personalization
    Single Initial
  • Eco Friendly

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