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Personalized Traditional Bar Signs for Groomsmen

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We offer a huge selection of signs including: Sports, of course, as well as Irish pub signs, roadhouse placards, particular types of drinks and alcohol, and even a selection of man-cave signs are available.
Some certainly have an older feel than others. For example, the dugout pub and bar sign depicts a baseball player who might have played with Lou Gehrig or Ty Cobb. Its counterpart, the gridiron bar and pub sign, shows a football player wearing a leather helmet. As for golf, well the long-drive pub and bar sign shows a duffer casting an eye on the horizon for his ball, wearing an argyle sweater, culottes and knee socks. Sexy he isn't, but it's a delightful portrayal of what passed for a golfer's uniform many years ago.
A non-sports traditional sign is the baron cigar bar and pub sign. It has an image in the middle that looks strikingly like W. C. Fields with replicas of rust and neutral-toned tobacco leaves surrounding it. It is quite striking.
The younger-feeling signs are just as fun. There is a surfside bar sign and a crab shack, in fact, there are a few eatery-related signs.
And then there are the man-cave signs. Most have some type of pronouncement on them, such as, Work Hard, Play Hard, or Got Wings. Got Beer. Got Football. It kind of says it all, doesn't it?

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